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Although we may be new to the Falcon family, our roots of building crane trucks and providing quality truck equipment are deep and well supported.

We've expanded our business significantly over the past number of years, but we haven't forgot our roots. Supplying hydraulic truck equipment is our passion, and it's what we're quite good at.

Our Installation Shop is the birthplace of truck equipment innovation. It's in this shop, that we come up with new ideas and produce high-quality equipment solutions.

If we had frizzy hair and a Delorean, we'd be that madd scientist on the verge of his next engineering discovery.

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

(Disclaimer: We can't actually make crane trucks fly.)


We don't like to name-drop companies like BC Hydro, Eagle West, Canex, Convoy, TCL, Formula Powell, Miller Capilano, Canadian National Railways and Bombardier that we've worked with...

So we won't.

Instead, sit back, relax and let the good times, scroll...