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It's not glamorous ailing truck equipment, but we don't mind.

For us, it's about rolling-up the sleaves and getting a little greasy for the good of your hydraulic equipment. We're highly-trained hydraulic specialists, it'd be nothing short of a miracle if we didn't know what to prescribe your ailing equipment.

We bring things back to life, like a surgeon working in the ER. And because of that, we take our job very seriously.

Aside from our skills of turning tired truck equipment into rejuvenated pickers, packers and pushers, we also offer a plethora of services to keep you safe and efficient.

Check out some of our Programs below, and don't hesitate to drop us a line if you see something you like!


Crane Annual Inspection & Certification

Stay up-to-date with Falcon's newly improved Inspection and Testing Programs. These programs have been created to ensure your equipment meets provincially-regulated structural, mechanical and operational requirements. Once an inspection is certified by a Professional Engineer, only then will it be deemed SAFE FOR USE (as per WorkSafeBC).

Download the PDF [363 KB]

Stability Certification

When a crane manufacturer designs and builds a crane, they have no prior knowledge of the vehicle on which the crane will be mounted. As a result, the stability of the entire package needs to be tested in order to verify efficiency and to comply with Provincial safety regulations.

Download the PDF [1.37Mb]

Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Increase the life of your equipment with our Preventative Maintenance Inspection Programs. For your convenience, we are offer three levels of service based upon the recommended service intervals by OEMs.

We're also mobile, so we can come to you!

Download the PDF [1.01Mb]