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We're bringing a whole new meaning to having a vehicle 'on rails'.

Instead of ripping around corners at mach-speed, we've literally put a truck on tracks to create the ultimate utility vehicle.

The truck (if you want to call it that), is equipped with railgear from Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc. More specifically, DMF's RW-1650 Railgear is designed with beefed-up bearings, specially hardened wheels, and a larger axle; all in an effort to boost your weight capacity.

What makes our Hi-Rail Truck unique is its rear-mounted Loglift -- the Swiss Army Knife of cranes. Detailed below, the crane comes complete with a grapple attachment and optional magnet for grabbing loose track-side materials. In addition, the crane comes fully certified and complete with a full 360° Stability Chart for both land and rail use.

A custom-fabricated deck with lumber frame-rails allows for safe storage and transportation. In addition, the rail rack, located above the chassis' bulkhead, provides for transport of 40' rail sections.

Hi-Rail Loglift Truck

DMF RW-1650 Railgear Most units are equipped with RW-1650 Railgear from Diversified Metal Fabricators Inc. Both the front and rear guide wheels are easily lowered to induce track operation.

The Hydrostatic Drive System enables the operator to propel the truck down-rail by utilizing the top seat control. The Joystick (shown right), provides control to the unit's magnet. Hydrostatic Drive System

The truck's tri-axle provides greater traction when on rail and increases payload to improve productivity. Tridem Axle

An AAR Coupler and Air System provides the option to move railcars in a safe and efficient manner. Train Coupler

Custom-designed for the rail industry, Kinshofer's 632R Grapple can be combined with Canmag's 36'' Magnet to collect up to 650 lbs of loose material. Grapple & Magnet

  • MAX. Lifting Capacity [net] 169,600 LB/FT
  • MAX. Outreach 29'2''
  • Outreach / Lifting Capacity 13'1'' @ 12,566 LBS
  •   16'5'' @ 10,141 LBS
  •   19'8'' @ 8,488 LBS
  •   22'11'' @ 7,275 LBS
  •   26'3'' @ 6,393 LBS
  •   27'10'' @ 5,952 LBS
  • Weight [crane only] 4,431 LBS
  • Deadman Switch
  • Deck Sides
  • Toolboxes
  • Tool Circuit
  • Bulkheads
  • Rail Racks
  • Removable Coupler
  • Pintle Hitch
  • Working Lights